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leafs_double_new.svgWhat to sow in March?

Get a head start by planning your summer garden in March. Whether it will be filled with blooming flowers, delicious tomatoes and climbing snow peas, you will find the seeds at Nelson Garden.

Depending on your location and climate zone, March and April are a good time to pre-cultivate sweet peas and broad beans. When you pre-cultivate inside you increase the chances of harvesting in early summer, since the seeds get a chance to develop and grow strong inside.

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leafs_double_flipped_new.svgVermiculite or perlite?

Vermiculite and Perlite are both light, gritty grains that barely weigh anything at all, but although they look similar, they have different characteristics.

Choose Vermiculite for starting seeds and for plants that need a moisture-retaining soil.

Choose Perlite when repotting or for your plants that need a sandy and well-drained soil.

Use them together to improve soil structure and properties. Mix two parts soil with one part Perlite and one part Vermiculite.

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leafs_double_new.svgTying a spiral bouquet

When we buy bouquets from a florist, they have usually tied the bouquet together using a method called the spiral technique, something that can require a bit of practice to get right. With this technique, it’s easy to add a flower where needed or remove and reposition flowers if there are too many.

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Award-winning Rootmaster

Mini Greenhouse Rootmaster is our own award-winning mini greenhouse with a watering function that makes indoor cultivation easier than ever. Thanks to its watering function, you only have to add water to the tray and let the diluted plants germinate. As the roots gradually emerge from the ventilation holes of the plug cells, the root ends dry out and new roots are formed higher up. The plug cells can be opened in the middle, just like a book, which makes it even easier to handle them. Buy now
Over 70 years of experience

Over 70 years of experience

Nelson Garden was founded in 1933 with the vision to make cultivation and gardening even more joyful.

Born in Sweden

Born in Sweden

It all started in a kitchen sofa in southern Sweden. Today, we are a leading player in the horticultural industry.

Ask us anything

Ask us anything

Call or chat with us Mon-Thu 9-17, Fri 9-16 with a daily lunch break from 12-12:30. Email us anytime!

Our responsibility

By forming bonds with the natural world, we can experience the connection between all living things and understand how they depend on each other. Just as flowers, plants, and vegetables grow, so do we. And when people are in harmony with nature, we tend to live and act more sustainably, have healthier lifestyles, and contribute to the world around us.

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