Reconnect to nature
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About Nelson Garden

Our heritage goes all the way back to 1933, when the Nilsson family started packaging and selling seeds from their kitchen in the small village of Belganet, in southern Sweden. Almost 90 years later, Nelson Garden is a leading player in the gardening industry within the Nordics, offering a wide range of seeds, soil, bulbs, and other products for both outdoor and indoor use. We are a subsidiary of Felleskjøpet and have about 130 employees throughout the Nordics, with head offices located in Tingsryd, Sweden, and Berganmoen, Norway. The Nelson Garden family is growing, and you can now also find us in Germany and Poland.

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Mindful, fruitful, wonderful

Life with a garden is more than just the act of gardening. It also includes all the splendour that follows. Imagine your expectations when planting a seed. Think of the fulfilment you feel when you see a flower blossom or notice the first sprout of a tomato plant. Imagine the pride that comes from being able to smell and touch something you’ve planted and grown, put it in a vase, or delightfully serve it on a plate. Keeping a garden engages all the senses and helps create a more vibrant life filled with energy and compassion. 

Gardening anywhere

When most people think of a garden, they imagine an abundant outdoor scene. The backyard of a villa, a vast green oasis, or a plot of land with vegetables and flowers. But at Nelson Garden, we believe a garden can be anywhere. A countertop in a kitchen, a lush living room, a tiny balcony, or even a closet. It’s any place you see fit to plant, nourish, and grow a seed – in soil or water. Every imaginable space is a potential place to reconnect.

At Nelson Garden, we stay true to our commitment by offering high-quality, sustainably sourced, and rigorously tested products, as well as by being an inspiration, helper, and trusted friend. We are determined to be the support and guidance you need to realize the true potential of your gardening endeavour.

Our responsibility

By forming bonds with the natural world, we can experience the connection between all living things and understand how they depend on each other. Just as flowers, plants, and vegetables grow, so do we. And when people are in harmony with nature, we tend to live and act more sustainably, have healthier lifestyles, and contribute to the world around us.Read more