Reconnect to nature
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Our responsibility

27 December 2021

Reconnect to nature

As a society, we are becoming more and more digitally connected. Yet, we feel increasingly disconnected. Many of us have lifestyles where we spend most of our time indoors and experience nature through artificial representations. When we lose our connection with nature, we also lose contact with ourselves.

By forming bonds with the natural world, we can experience the connection between all living things and understand how they depend on each other. Just as flowers, plants, and vegetables grow, so do we. And when people are in harmony with nature, we tend to live and act more sustainably, have healthier lifestyles, and contribute to the world around us.

Regardless of if it’s for the first time, at the end of a stressful week, or after hours of screen time, Nelson Garden can help anyone reconnect to nature.


We are committed

The world we live in is under pressure. We are facing inequality and loss of biodiversity, and global warming threatens the very existence of human life on the planet. At Nelson Garden, we are committed to contributing to a better world and being part of the solution. We have defined five focus areas where we can have the greatest impact and where we have opportunities to do better.

Our focus areas are:

Reduced Climate Impact: Aiming to follow Carbon Law and halving greenhouse emissions every decade from 2020 to 2050.

Circular Systems and Sustainable Materials: Taking responsibility for the entire life cycle of our products and closing the loops.

Increasing Biodiversity: We want to protect biodiversity, for example by promoting seeds that contribute to greater biodiversity and cultural heritage.

Sustainable Value Chain: Offering products that are produced under fair conditions and used in responsible ways.

Healthier Communities and Lifestyles: Contributing to inclusive societies, personal health and quality of life, by providing opportunities to grow.