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Amaryllis and Christmas flowers

When home furnishing shops are putting out the Christmas decorations and we think it’s far too early to think about Christmas it’s actually time to plant the most beautiful Christmas flowers. The small amount of work in October will pay off several times over, when you can enjoy amaryllis, paperwhites, Christmas carnations and hyacinths in the winter darkness. Watching an amaryllis bulb transform into a stunning Christmas plant is like a Cinderella story!

There are lots of advantages to planting your own amaryllis bulbs. Firstly, you have more exciting varieties to choose from and secondly, there are often more stems and flowers than if you were to buy pre-potted amaryllis in a shop. It is also incredibly easy to get the bulbs to bloom. From when you start to awaken your amaryllis, it usually takes about 6–8 weeks until your amaryllis starts to flower.

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