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Kit: Pallet collar hoops with fibre cloth

Kit: Pallet collar hoops with fibre cloth

Improve the growing climate and protect your plants.

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Protect your plants from harmful weather and improve the growing climate with a kit of pallet collar hoops and a fibre cloth.

Place the pallet collar hoops on the edge of your pallet collar and cover the hoops with the fibre cloth to create a sheltered environment inside.


Fibre cloth p col hoops 50g/m² 120x80cm

11,50 €

Pallet collar hoops black 2pcs

11,50 €

If you would like to create a tunnel or mini greenhouse in a pallet collar – this is the kit you need.
Pallet collar hoops and fibre cloth combined creates a beneficial environment for your plants. It is an easy way to create a growing tunnel or mini greenhouse outside.

The fabric is UV-protected and the practical elastics around it helps it maintain its position around the pallet. The cloth is fitted for pallet collars with dimensions of 120 x 80.

The pallet collar hoops come in a package of two, and should be placed on the edge of the pallet collar.

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