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Starter kit, hydroponic cultivation

Starter kit, hydroponic cultivation

Harvy 3

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The Harvy grow box – starter kit, for hydroponic cultivation with a container and lid for 3 or 6 plants, 6 pre-seeded cultivation plugs, 3 or 6 plug baskets, and 300 ml nutrition.

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Enjoy fresh vegetables and herbs all year round! Harvy's smart hydroponic system allows you to easily cultivate leafy greens, spices, and even flowers, directly in nutritious water. Whether you know a lot, a little, or nothing at all about cultivation, Harvy is the perfect choice for getting started with hydroponic cultivation. This system does not require handling soil, which is an advantage for indoor cultivation. Also, you do not need access to a balcony or patio to be able to cultivate. With this starter kit you get one white container with a white lid that has room for three plants if you choose the smaller Harvy grow box, and for 6 plants if you choose the larger Harvy grow box. The cultivation box itself is made of enduring polystyrene (PS) which is very durable and intended to withstand daily use for many years.

Available in two sizes, for 6 or 3 plants. Dimensions for 3 plants: 386 x 148 x 142 mm Dimensions for 6 plants: 795 x 160 x 150 mm

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