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Sprouts are crispy, tasty and full of vitamins! Most seeds are ready in 5-10 days and durable for about 5 days in the refrigerator.

The process from seed to sprout may seem simple, but great miracles happen throughout the germination. As a sprout, the plant becomes more easily digested for the human body than it would have been as a seed, and it is full-packet with nutrients. Even though it does not take much time or space, the sprouts will give you lots in return!

Sprouts come from seeds of, for example, cress, beans or lentils. A germ begins to develop when the seed has access to water, the right temperature and air. These favorable conditions cause the seed to begin to germinate. In short, sprouts are the "embryo phase" of plants and these are very tasty, contain large amounts of useful nutrients, and have therefore become popular.

Tip! The sprout box can be used as a storage vessel for your sprouts – rinse the sprouts one last time and then place the seed box in the refrigerator with the grid facing up.

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