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Grow light LED 15W Bulb with shade

Grow light LED 15W Bulb with shade

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Keep your indoor cultivation alive and growing with our energy-efficient Grow light LED 15W Bulb with shade.

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Our 15W Grow light comes with an easy-installed shade that is especially adapted for the LED bulb. The shade is made to direct the light downwards to the cultivation, making the light even more efficient. 

Grow lights are great for indoor cultivation during the colder months of the year, as well as for pre-cultivating seeds indoors before moving them outside. Providing your indoor plants with enough light will help them grow big and strong even faster.  

Lumens: 1400

PPFD (100 mm) 1050 1244 µmol / s / m²

Shade is made from polypropylene (PP)

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