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Hydroponic plugs

Our plugs are the perfect choice for growing small and medium-sized seeds. You only need to add water and seeds. Also, plugs make it easy to transplant! Our plugs can be used for hydroponic cultivation, too. We also offer products related to plugs, such as plug flats.

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Plugs, 14pcs

Plant plugs for pre-cultivation of seeds, replanting or hydroponic systems

3,95 €

Plug without seeds

Plugs made for hydroponic cultivation, add plant seeds of your choice.

7,95 €

Plug with seeds, pak choi

Summer Breeze, F1

Plug for hydroponic systems with pak choi seeds, known as Chinese cabbage.

9,95 €

Plug with seeds, lettuce

Lollo Rossa

Easy-grown plugs with lettuce seeds, made for hydroponic cultivation.

9,95 €

Plug with seeds, coriander


6 coriander plant pods that are made for hydroponic systems.

9,95 €

Plug with seeds, basil


Easy-grown basil plant pods that are made for hydroponic systems.

9,95 €

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