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Plug with seeds, coriander

Plug with seeds, coriander


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Grow delicious coriander with our easy-to-use plugs that are pre-sown with coriander seeds, and suitable for hydroponic cultivation.

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By using our easy-grown plant pods, you can cultivate your very own coriander and enjoy the characteristic flavour whenever you want. Coriander, sometimes referred to as cilantro, is fragrant and has beautiful, green leaves filled with rich taste. The spice has a mild curry tone and works perfectly in curries and other flavour-intensive foods. 

Our Marino plant pods are pre-sown with high quality coriander seeds and are suitable for hydroponic cultivation. 


Latin name
Coriandrum sativum L.
Coco coir, peat, mineral fertiliser

How to use the plant pods:

  1. Prepare your Harvy (or hydroponic system of choice) with water and nutrition
  2. Place the pods in the plastic net pots and remove the protective stickers from the pods
  3. Lower the net pots into the openings of the hydroponic system
  4. Wait patiently for 3 weeks and watch as your plants start to grow!

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