Which bird feeder should I choose?

18 October 2021

There are many types of bird feeders and each has its own unique purpose. Which bird feeder is best for you depends on which birds you want to attract to your garden, and on where you are planning on hanging it. We’ll guide you to the perfect choice! 

How to pick the right bird feeder

The ideal bird feeder is large enough to feed more than one bird. It must also withstand winter weather and eventual damage from the birds. If you choose a bird feeder for seeds, it needs a protective roof to keep the seeds dry and fresh. It is also important that you can easily refill with bird food and that you can take down and clean the feeder if necessary.

Most bird feeders can be hung, but there are also bird feeders that can be attached to a pole, a wall, or a window. Preferably place the bird feeders relatively close to a bush or tree so that the birds can seek shelter, without sitting so close to a tree where a cat could jump over to it. 

Do you want to attract a special bird species to your garden? Find out what that species’s favorite food is and then choose a bird feeder that suits that type of bird food!


Bird feeder for tallow balls 

Tallow balls are a good choice of bird food as they contain plenty of fats that birds benefit from when it is cold outside. Are the birds in your garden really hungry? Try a circular bird feeder for tallow balls that are of a larger model, to hold more food.

Larger models of bird feeders

If you have plenty of birds that gather around your bird table (lucky you!) it is a good idea to invest in larger models of bird feeders. Not only does it have space for several birds, but you don’t need to fill it that often, either. This is also a practical investment for the winter, as more birds seek food in gardens, resulting in a larger consumption of bird food.

Bird feeder for privacy and safety 

Birds are not the only ones happy about your new bird feeder - so are squirrels! Not only might they eat the nuts and seeds in the feeders, but they might also scare away small birds. The same goes for larger birds, and even cats. To avoid these, choose bird feeder with a thin but protective grid, as it allows for the smaller birds to eat undisturbed.


Multiple bird feeders 

Birds are usually not picky, but different bird species may prefer a certain type of bird food. There are feeders that hold different kinds of seeds and tallow balls as well - all in one. This is an effective way to be able to spoil many birds! 

If you cannot find this type of bird feeder; hang different feeders in your garden. Place a bird feeder for tallow balls on one branch, and a bird feeder for seeds on a pole somewhere else in your garden, for example. The more varieties of food you offer, the more birds in your garden!