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Grow in pallet collars

11 April 2023

Everything becomes easier when you grow in pallet collars! It's easy to clear weeds, it's easy to keep track of vermin, it's easy and convenient to cover the crops with fiber cloth, and what's more, the soil warms up faster in the spring.

How to: Grow in pallet collars


1. Make sure that the surface where the kitchen garden will be located is flat. Clear away protruding stones, branches and other debris. Cover the intended planting site with ground cover.


2. Place the pallet collars, at least two in height, preferably three for vegetables with deep root systems, for example root vegetables such as carrots and parsnips.

3. Fill the pallet collar with soil, almost up to the edge. If you get hold of horse manure, it is good to mix it 50/50 with the remaining part with soil. If the manure is not well, at the beginning of the season it will provide warmth to the cultivation, which is a big plus because the plants like to feel a little warm around the feet but somewhat cooler around the head. Also, weed seeds die when the manure burns.image7hle.png

4. In the aisles between the pallet collars, you can choose to cover the ground cloth with cover bark, gravel or garden tiles - depending on taste and economy.


5. Protect your crops and create a mini-greenhouse with the help of pallet collar hoops and a fiber cloth. Pallet collar hoops are metal brackets that attach to the pallet collars, allowing you to cover the bed with a fiber cloth or other protective material. This creates a mini-greenhouse effect that can help protect your plants from pests, extreme temperatures, and other environmental stressors.

6. Let the growing begin!

Text and photo: Anna Forslund