Cultivating spinach in the best way

03 June 2021

Spinach might be one of the best vegetables to cultivate! Why? Because it is delicious, it can be eaten both fresh and cooked, and you can freeze it. Further, you can grow spinach in a lot of different ways. Here, we will assist you with a guide on how to cultivate spinach in the best way possible - come along!

How do I cultivate spinach? 

There are several options on how to cultivate spinach. You can grow it in your garden, in hydroponic boxes, mini-greenhouses, or pots. The best way is to sow the seeds in rows or sprinkle them tightly. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of soil. 

You can cultivate spinach both outdoors and indoors. Spinach thrives in cooler temperatures, which makes it ideal to cultivate outdoors during spring or late summer. 

When should I cultivate spinach?

The best option is to cultivate spinach in springtime or in late summer or early fall. Spinach grows best at those times as the weather is cooler and the sun is not that bright. During summer when it is brighter and warmer, spinach tends to bloom, which results in fewer leaves. 

Since spinach grows relatively quickly you will be able to harvest it several times during the season you planted it. It is also possible to sow spinach in frozen soil during the winter if you want a head start once spring comes. 

How do I cultivate spinach during winter?

If you want to cultivate spinach during winter it is important that the plants have germinated before the darkness and coldness stagnate their growth. Preferably cover your cultivation with some kind of cloth, or a lid to protect it from the cold winter weather. By hibernating your spinach, you will be able to harvest earlier in spring!


What type of soil should I cultivate spinach in?

Like most plants, spinach prefers to be cultivated in nutritious, moist soil. Spinach is not the most sensitive vegetable, so it will probably grow in most types of soil. But if you wish for a large harvest, you should make sure your spinach is provided with lots of water and lots of nutrition. 

What type of nutrition should I add to my spinach?

Those who regularly provide their spinach with nutrition will get the largest harvest! You can purchase nutrition, for example, liquid plant food or plant food spikes. Read the instructions on the package for the best dosage. You can also make your own plant food from nettle water or a bokashi compost, for example. If adding your own plant food, do it often and in small doses. 


What type of spinach should I choose?

There are several different kinds of spinach to choose between. There are, for example, spinach with smaller or bigger leaves, or leaves of different shapes to choose between. There are also different kinds of organic spinach. 

What is the difference between baby spinach and spinach?

You might wonder what the difference is between baby spinach and regular spinach. Baby spinach is the small leaves produced in the first stage of the harvest. If waiting a while longer, the leaves will grow larger and thicker and this is what is referred to as regular spinach. While baby spinach fits perfectly in a salad, for example, some consider regular spinach to taste best if being parboiled or fried before eating it. Experiment to find your favorite kind!