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5 reasons to grow sprouts

29 November 2020

We have great news for you – it is possible to eat your own freshly harvested vegetables all year round! How? Sprouts is the answer!

Sprouts come from seeds of, for example, cress, beans or lentils. Growing them is very easy and can be done indoors all year round. Here, we have listed 5 reasons to start growing sprouts at home!

1. Healthy

In addition to being a fantastic seasoning, sprouts contain numerous substances that are good for your body. Beans and lentils themselves are already rich in nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, but when they sprout, miraculous things happen. In the germination process, the vitamin and mineral content increases several times over. Simply fantastic!

In addition, enzymes are developed during germination, which facilitates the digestive process. As a sprout, the bean or lentil also becomes more easily digested and the body can more effortlessly absorb the nutrients of the seed. Last but not least, sprouts are also less gas-forming and bloating than cooked legumes.

5-reasons-to-grow-sprouts-in-the-winter-2.jpgHomegrown sprouts – a fresh and vitamin-packed vegetable you can grow yourself all year round. Pictured is Broccoli sprouts – a sprout with an exciting cabbage taste.

2. Accessible

Sprouts are kind of unique as they are one of few vegetables that can actually be obtained fresh all year round. Also, it does not require much space to cultivate sprouts and can be done indoors. Combined with sprouting being very easy and cheap, sprouts are a great way for anybody to enjoy fresh vegetables.

5-reasons-to-grow-sprouts-in-the-winter-3.jpgFresh sprouts on a sandwich brightens up any gloomy autumn day and provides a good vitamin boost.

3. Easy

With a seed sprouting tray and a seed bag of, for example, radish, broccoli or alfalfa, it only takes 4-7 days before it is time to harvest at home on the windowsill. Growing sprouts is therefore perfect for those who love to cultivate but do not have a garden.

4. Homegrown

It is not at all surprising that the trend of sprouting has grown stronger in recent years. More and more people have shown interest in natural and unprocessed food that does not contain any additives. Moreover, raw food and superfood are now everyday food for many. Being aware of what kind of benefit food does for the body - except from to satiating - has become a great interest among many. At the same time, we want the food to be as locally produced as possible. In this sense, the sprouts are really worth calling super food.

5-reasons-to-grow-sprouts-in-the-winter-1.jpgRadish – a fast-growing sprout that has a wonderful color, exciting taste and is also rich in both vitamins and minerals. Photo: Annika Christensen

5. Versatile

Sprouts can be used in different kinds of salads, as well as freshen up a cheesy risotto, egg sandwich, tomato soup, a rich winter stew or an Asian wok with sprouts. There are really no limits to what you can use freshly harvested sprouts for. There are many varieties to choose from - broccoli, radish, alfalfa and cress are some examples - all with their own unique taste.

 5-reasons-to-grow-sprouts-in-the-winter-5.jpgLentil mix is delicious to top any Asian wok with. Photo: Annika Christensen