Hydroponic cultivation with Harvy

23 November 2022

With Harvy, you can grow hydroponically without soil and without prior knowledge - all year round. It's so easy, anyone can do it. We're doing this so more people can experience how good homegrown is and how healthy it feels to know exactly what you're eating. Imagine growing something yourself that you can actually eat. Are you in?

Hydroponics - growing without soil

Growing without soil and only in water is called hydroponics - an idea that is by no means new. It is said that the hanging gardens of Babylon were cultivated this way over 2000 years ago.

Our contribution to the method is a refinement of the technique. We have spent a long time working out the optimum amount of water, oxygen supply, nutrients and light requirements, and we have selected seed varieties from the pre-sown plugs for the best growing results. Fast green leaves, such as spices and leafy greens, are ideal for hydroponic cultivation.

This is Harvy

Hydroponics is for those who know a lot, a little or nothing at all about growing. With the Harvy grow box, you can grow leafy greens, herbs and even flowers in water. With no soil and no prior knowledge required.

Once you have filled the box with water, you put the pre-seeded plugs in the lid and wait. After just a few weeks you can harvest your basil, lettuce or whatever you have chosen to grow.

No need to carry bags of soil up to the third floor. No more planting and spilling soil on the kitchen counter. You don't need a balcony. What you get instead is the opportunity to grow whenever the urge strikes. You'll spend less time tending your garden and still get an exciting experience and a great result. Harvest and enjoy again, all year round. With Harvy, everyone can succeed right from the start.

Get started in 10 minutes

A complete starter kit with the Harvy hydroponic grow box is all you need to get started.

With the lines on the box's crossbars, you can easily check that your grow is always at the optimum water level. When you start your grow, you fill up to the top line ("Start"), so that the water reaches your plugs. Once the roots have made their way out of the plug and into the water, the water should be at the lower line ("Grow"). This will also create an air gap where the plant's aerial roots can get oxygen.

Follow these steps:

1. Place Harvy in a window or other bright place. During the darker season, extra lighting should be used.

2. Fill up with water to the upper mark ("Start"). 

3. Add 2 ml of hydroponic nutrient per litre of water and put on the lid. NOTE! Shake the bottle well before each dosage.

4. Insert the culture plugs into the plug baskets. 

Remove the adhesive labels from the plugs.

6. Push the plugs into the holes in the lid. 

7. Do nothing else for 3 weeks*. 

8. Fill with cold water and nutrients (2 ml/litre of water) up to the 'Start' mark until a pencil-thick root ball has formed (about 1 month), after which fill to 'Grow'.

* If your seed pot is very hot and sunny, you may need to add some water before 3 weeks have passed. Just lift the lid and make sure the roots reach the water.

How the idea for Harvy was born

The story of the Harvy hydroponic growing box began in the spring of 2016 when Ulf Fransson from Nelson Garden and Niklas Hjelm from Hemmaodlat met each other. It turned out that they had the same vision, that more people should be able to grow at home.

Nelson Garden's knowledge of seeds and production, together with Hemmaodlat's experience of hydroponic growing, took us through a series of tests. Along the way, there have been some failed trials - and some successful ones.

We have now reached a result that everyone is happy with: the Harvy hydroponic growing box. A smart and simple growing solution that allows more people to grow at home. In water. Without soil. All year round.

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Hydroponics – Grow in water

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