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What plant food should I use?

08 November 2021

If you want your cultivation to really thrive, adding plant food is a wise thing to do. There are lots of options when it comes to plant food, and you might find yourself wondering: what type of plant food should I use? What type of plant food do my plants need? Should I use liquid or solid plant food? We have the answers for you! 

When should I use liquid plant food? 

Liquid plant food is a convenient choice, regardless if cultivating indoors or outdoors, in garden lands or in pots. Liquid plant nutrients are usually very concentrated and it is important to dilute them with water before adding the nutrition to your plants. 

There are different kinds of liquid plant food especially suitable for different kinds of plants, such as plant food for tomatoes, chili, and citruses. There is also liquid plant food for flowers, like for orchids and for geraniums.


When should I use plant food spikes? 

Plant food spikes are a variety of solid plant food, shaped as small sticks. The spikes will dissolve and release nutrients evenly into the soil when getting watered. There are plant food spikes for different kinds of plants, like for orchids, for example. 

Plant food spikes are ideal for potted plants and are very easy to use. Just push the spikes into the soil and water your plants. 

When should I use fertilization?

There are many types of solid fertilizers or manures. Among the organic fertilizers are pure cow or chicken manure, but also worm manure. Fertilizers are also available in granular or pellet form, both as organic and as mineral fertilizers. 

The main advantage of solid fertilizer is that it is easy to dose and usually lasts for a long time. Since the fertilizer needs to be broken down in order for your plants to assimilate the nutrients, the nutrients will last for a longer period. However, some solid fertilizers are made to provide nutrition at a faster pace, while others are made to do it at a slower pace. Read the package and always follow the dosage instructions.

Quick fertilization is excellent for mixing into the soil when you are planting outdoors or on a bigger surface. The nutrient can also be used for grown plants, but be careful when you fertilize to not damage any roots.


When should I use worm manure?

Worm manure is cow manure that has been processed by worms so that it resembles loose soil in the structure. It is completely odorless, and can therefore be used indoors, as well as outdoors.

Worm manure is rich in soil nutrients, which benefit the microorganisms in the soil. The worm manure can be used as a liquid type of plant food; mix the manure in lukewarm water, stir and let stand for 24 hours and soak. The next day you stir again, and then it can be used to water your cultivation.