Cultivating herbs - perfect for kids

22 April 2021

When it comes to cultivating with kids, herbs are a good choice to start with. Herbs can be cultivated indoors all year round, and outside during the summer. Make cultivating a fun activity to do with kids when they are on a break or free from school.


Herbs that are easy to grow for kids

Kids are eager and often want to see results right away. Therefore, it might be wise to choose herbs that grow fast, for example, cress. Cress is ready to be harvested after only a couple of days - perfect to keep the kid’s interest up. 

Cress is a good herb to grow all year round. It is best cultivated in sprouting trays, but your fantasy is the only thing stopping you; try sowing in cookie trays or other playful objects to make it fun for kids! 

Another alternative is to base the choice of seeds on what the kids you are cultivating with, likes to eat. For example, if they like pizza - grow oregano or basil. If they like chicken - grow rosemary. This will be a fun way for them to learn what herbs make the food yummy. 

Mint is another herb kids usually like, perhaps in a fruit salad or in a cup of homemade tea. Chives is also a herb that kids tend to like. Although, chives are best cultivated outside, compared to the previously mentioned herbs.

The best way for kids to learn is by playing.

Cultivate herbs indoors or outdoors all year round

Many herbs - such as basil, thyme, chili, parsley, or mint, are all perfect to cultivate indoors, summertime as well as winter. Remember that herbs want both heat and light, so plant your cultivations in sunny windows. During the darkest months, the herbs might need some extra light and warmth, and you can provide that from grown lights.

Bonus - grow garlic with kids

Garlic is another alternative that can be grown indoors. Put two or three garlic cloves into a pot with soil, place the pot warm and bright, and remember to water occasionally. In not too long, green stalks will grow out of the soil, and the stalks are the part of the garlic that you harvest. The stalk has a mild taste of garlic and is perfect to cut and sprinkle on top of your food. Adding the stalks onto toasted bread makes a nice homemade garlic bread.