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Get to know Emma and her friend

18 April 2023

I love to spend time outdoors

I am Emma, 38 years old, living in Stockholm with my family. Two children, my husband and two cats. I enjoy being outdoors, lighting a fire, roasting marshmallows and simply hang out with my family and friends.

Effortless way of growing

You have chosen to grow potatoes in Nelson's Potato Grow Pot, why?
It suits me perfectly at the moment. I have to travel in my work, which means that I don't always have time on my side to cultivate. In addition to that, I train at least twice a week, try to fit in the children’s activities, and so on. Since potatoes are easy to grow, and don’t need continuous attention they’re the perfect choice. Besides, there’s so many things you can cook with them, and home-grown potatoes taste so much better!

Sustainability is a cycle

When did you become interested in cultivating?
I have always enjoyed working in the garden, with flower beds, plants and trees. I like to think about how everything is connected, the sustainability of it all. For example, when you tidy up a flower bed, you take it to the compost. Give it some time and the compost creates nutritious soil that you may use to grow your flowers in, and so it continues. By minding all these small steps that you do naturally when cultivating, you also improve the quality of the soil. I think it's important to be mindful about it, because everything is connected this way, and you will be generously rewarded if you do this.

Emmas top picks

Do you have a favorite flower or vegetable?
I actually like Geranium a lot. Many people probably think of them as something you find at your grandparents' house, and that may be true, but they are incredibly easy to care for and you just have to admire their tenacity. They can withstand scorching hot summer days and frosty autumn nights outdoors, bloom in incredibly beautiful colors, abundantly for a long time.

Sustainable and crafty cultivation

Can you describe your cultivation in five words?
Visionary, colourful, sustainable, impatient and crafty. I think they are all different expression of the same thing, me getting inspired and motivated in periods of time. Obviously, it has to do with my work and lifestyle that sort of limits my time, but when I have the time I am all in. During these periods of inspiration I can get into this great flow, and suddenly find myself fully committed into cultivating, with dirt up to my elbows!