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Get to know Markus and his friend

29 March 2023

New experiences enrich

My name is Markus, 40 years young. I live with my two daughters and partner in an apartment just outside Stockholm. I spend a lot of time in nature with my family; climbing, camping, exploring and discovering new places.

Looking forward to the harvest season

There are more than 450 new seeds this season. Which seed have you chosen and why?

I have chosen to grow the tomato "Bronzy." Apparently, the plant itself will grow a little longer and carry plenty of fruit. I haven't been very successful with tomatoes before, but I like having tomatoes in my cooking so it's worth another try.


Cultivation can be a fun family event


When did you become interested in cultivating?

During the pandemic we moved from Stockholm to a little farm outside Örebro in central Sweden. We saw it as an opportunity to explore the idea of being self-sufficient and live from what we may grow ourselves. The result was beyond our expectations and we learned a lot of stuff. We moved back to Stockholm due to work, but still nurture our interest for cultivation. My daughters, 12 and 14 years old, also think it's fun and we do it together, which makes it special.


A way of learning the kids about nature

Do you have any advice for cultivating with kids?

Sure, make them involved. Let them plant the seeds, water and care for them. It is such a fun reward for them when they see the first little sprouts break through the soil. If you explain every step, from pre-cultivation to harvest, they learn about the process as well. You'll probably learn something along the way too. Start with something easy to grow and take it from there!

Markus top picks

Do you have a favorite vegetable?

I think potatoes are incredibly tasty and easy to grow, especially the fresh potato variety Maribel Eko. It is small but really tasty and is ready to harvest in time for Swedish Midsummer in June. Zucchini is also easy to grow and goes into a lot of various recipies.


Simple and effortless

Can you describe your cultivation in five words?

I can describe it with one – simplicity! Me and my family are always up to something, travelling, exploring new places and so on, which means we are not always at home. That sets the standards of what we may cultivate. We need tough and independent plants that can take care of themselves in periods. Potatoes are perfect in that sense, Zucchini needs a bit more attention and water but are still quite resilient. Tomates is a stretch, which is why we are going to challenge ourselves cultivating "Bronzy."