Make your own chili salt - two recipes!

28 September 2021

Cultivating chili usually results in a big harvest. If you have been cultivating chili, you may find yourself wondering: what should I do with all these chilies? Our suggestion - make your own chili salt!

Making chili salt from home-grown chili fruits is both useful and very easy. Given the different chili varieties' heat and character, it's easy to make a salt that suits your taste. Enjoy the chili salt in various dishes, such as meat, pasta, or pizza, for example. Also, giving away a small jar of homemade chili salt makes a great gift!

You can also mix your favorite herbs or spices in the salt as well, and the end result will be heavenly. In other words, these recipes can be varied endlessly with the spices and herbs you have at home. You simply can not fail!

Recipe for chili salt with cilantro and parsley

Chili salt can be made with our without an oven. This recipe does not require an oven, which is practical for those with limited cooking availability. However, you can use an oven for this recipe if you wish to. 


2 chilies, at least medium strong

2 dl sea salt

A handful of fresh cilantro

A handful of fresh parsley

How to make chili salt with cilantro and parsley:

  1.  Finely chop the chili, preferably with a hand mixer or a food processor.
  2.  Finely chop the herbs.
  3.  Mix the chili and herb minced together with salt.
  4.  Place the mixture on kitchen towels on a plate.
  5. Place the plate in a dry place (room temperature) for a few days. Stir with a small spoon every now and then. When everything, including the chili, is completely dry; the salt is ready. Pour into a jar and you’re done!



Recipe for chili salt with herbs and garlic


2 chilies

2 dl sea salt

1-2 tablespoons oregano (chopped fresh or dried)

2 garlic cloves  

How to make chili salt with herbs and garlic:

  1. Set the oven to 60 °C. Mix or grind the ingredients. Cover a plate with baking paper and place the mixture on it.
  2. Now dry the chili salt in the oven for at least 60 minutes until the herbs and the chili in the salt are completely dry. Stir occasionally in the meantime so that none of the herbs burn.
  3. When the salt is completely dry, take it out of the oven and let it cool. Pour into small jars and enjoy!