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Tying a spiral bouquet

20 June 2022

The season of tying bouquets is here! This is something we have been looking forward to since we planted our very first flower seeds in the spring. Want to learn how to hand-tie a spiral bouquet? They may take a bit of practice, but like anything else, once you get the technique down, they’re easy. 

When we buy bouquets from a florist, they have usually tied the bouquet together using a method called the spiral technique, something that can require a bit of practice to get right. With this technique, it’s easy to add a flower where needed or remove and reposition flowers if there are too many. Here are some tips to help you succeed.


  1. Start by laying out the flowers and twigs you plan to use in your bouquet. 
    Nelson_Garden_Tying a spiral bouquet_image_2.jpg
  2. Remove the lower leaves from the stems.
  3. Place one stalk in your hand and place a second stalk across it to form a cross. Hold the flowers together between your index finger and thumb. Take a third stem and place it at the same angle as the first flower.  
    Nelson_Garden_Tying a spiral bouquet_image_4.jpg
  4. Keep adding flowers, twigs and grass in the same direction all the time while rotating the bouquet.
  5. Keep adding to the bouquet until you are satisfied – take a look at the bouquet from time to time to see how it is turning out. Reposition any flowers or add one anywhere one is missing.  
  6. The place where you hold the bouquet is the centre, where you can tie the bouquet with pretty raffia or jute ribbon. Wind around a few times and tighten. 
  7. Trim the stems with sharp pruners or scissors.
    Nelson_Garden_Tying a spiral bouquet_image_1.jpg
  8. Admire your masterpiece!


Move the flowers to your hand if there are too many to hold between your fingers. Try to relax your hand to make it easier. 

Preferably pick the flowers in the morning when the stems are still taut, the next best option is to pick them in the evening. Use a clean pair of pruners and put the stems in water so that they do not have time to droop. 

Leave the flowers to soak in water in a cool place before you start putting your bouquet together. 

Mix in a few different green elements, such as grass from the verge, raspberry sprigs or other leaves from the garden.  

Pick out a few stately flowers with a little extra character that will play the starring role in your bouquet.

Now it’s time to start practicing! Good luck!

Nelson_Garden_Tying a spiral bouquet_image_3.jpg