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What to do in the garden in August

With August comes the height of Summer, and it’s time to harvest your vegetables. The effort you’ve put in during the past few months will be worth it when you enjoy homegrown carrots, beets, chili, and so forth. After the harvest you’ll be tempted to sow even more, and may ask yourself; what can I sow in August? The important thing is to choose fast-growing vegetables, such as radish, chives, and different types of lettuce, for example arugula. Also, remember to protect your vegetables with a fibre cloth, to keep unwanted insects and pests away.

Besides harvesting vegetables and planting new seeds, another thing to do in your garden during August is picking flowers. By picking flowers, the chances are high that you will actually extend their blooming time.

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It’s now time for Instagram’s most flower-filled competition of the year – #mysummerbouquet. Anyone who wants to can participate by sharing their beautiful bouquets and get the chance to win a fantastic prize at the end of the summer.

#mysummerbouquet is a competition on Instagram where you tag your summer bouquet with the hashtag #mysummerbouquet to get the chance to win a fantastic prize of seeds and accessories for your cut flower garden. Your bouquet can contain anything you like, from flowers and leaves to vegetables and weeds, anything green is welcome in #mysummerbouquet.

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