What to sow in December

If you’re longing for all the cultivation spring brings, we have great news! With our plant propagation products such as mini greenhouses, pots, and growing trays, you can start sowing some plants already in December. One example is chili. By getting started early, you will get a rich harvest later on.

Hydroponic cultivation is another option if you want to grow plants indoors. With our hydroponic cultvation starter kit, Harvy, you can get started in a matter of minutes. Just remember to provide your indoor cultivation with extra light and heat, using grow lights and heating pads.

To make December even better, get a few bird feeders and fill them with bird feed. This way, you may be lucky enough to wake up to the sound of chirping birds on Christmas Eve.

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leafs_double_new.svgStart growing chili peppers in December

As chili peppers take a long time to grow, they are perfect to get started with in December. That way, you’ll be able to harvest lots of chili fruits in spring. We offer a variety of chili pepper seeds, from mild to really hot. Additionally, we have everything you need to pre-cultivate your chili peppers, and later transplant them outside if you want to. To provide your plant with extra nutrition, we have chili plant food as well. Altogether, all the things you need to succeed with your chili pepper cultivation can be found right here! To make the most of it, we’ve also created a guide on how to grow chili peppers in the best possible way.

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