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What to plant in February

Spring feelings start to appear as the sun slowly returns in February. You can already start to pre-cultivate some seeds indoors, such as chilis, verbenas and artichoke. That way, they will have time to grow big and you will be rewarded with a big harvest this summer. To create the right conditions and get a good result, we recommend pre-cultivate products such as mini greenhouses, grow lights and our award-winning Rootmaster. You will also find soil improvement products such as vermiculite and perlite with us.

To find out just how important grow lights are in order to cultivate strong, healthy plants, we put together an experiment. What happens when you plant the same seeds at the same time, but only provide one of them with grow lights? The difference was very noticeable. Thin plants without the extra grow light and large compact mini-plants with grow lights. Read more about the experiment in our guide.

Find the right products to create the perfect conditions for growing large, prosperous plants, in our large assortment.

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leafs_double_flipped_new.svgAward-winning Rootmaster

Mini Greenhouse Rootmaster is our own award-winning mini greenhouse with a watering function that makes indoor cultivation easier than ever. Thanks to its watering function, you only have to add water to the tray and let the diluted plants germinate.

As the roots gradually emerge from the ventilation holes of the plug cells, the root ends dry out and new roots are formed higher up. The plug cells can be opened in the middle, just like a book, which makes it even easier to handle them.

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leafs_double_flipped_new.svgVermiculite or perlite?

Vermiculite and Perlite are both light, gritty grains that barely weigh anything at all, but although they look similar, they have different characteristics.

Choose Vermiculite for starting seeds and for plants that need a moisture-retaining soil.

Choose Perlite when repotting or for your plants that need a sandy and well-drained soil.

Use them together to improve soil structure and properties. Mix two parts soil with one part Perlite and one part Vermiculite.

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