Gifts for garden enthusiasts, beginners, or kids

Are you looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? Find your Christmas gift at Nelson Garden. We have Christmas presents to the indoor gardener, the chili lover, gifts for children, products that will help you start the growing season early, gifts under 10 euro.

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Hot gifts for a cold winter

Do you know a chili lover? We know that there are many out there. And we have put together a kit with a special chili plant food, seeds, and a pot set. Not only is chili a diverse and fun seed to plant, but you can also start to grow it as early as December. Chilis are slow-growing seeds, but the wait is worth it, and the reward is often fruitful.

Get a lot for almost nothing

Are you looking for the perfect gift for under 10€? We have got you covered. Create your own kit of seeds, pots, and gloves. Or find a sprouting tray or a sturdy trowel with a wood handle. Whatever you choose, it will be a great gift for friends and family who love gardening or are ready to get started.

Quality products for the gardener

For around 20€ you will get a quality floristry scissor for the one who loves to pick flowers, or make flower arrangements at home. Or what about a mini greenhouse for the one who likes to get a head start with cultivation? A soil thermometer is a great product to use when it's time to decide if the soil is warm enough for direct sowing outdoors.

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter = Growing season

Do you know someone with green fingers, longing for the sun to come back and the garden season to start? What if we told you that the cold, darker seasons are no longer a hindrance against cultivating? It is true. With our hydroponic system Harvy and grow lights, you can grow all year round. It's super easy to get started, and if you buy our Harvy 3 gift pack, everything you need is included. More specifically: grow box, nutrition, pre-sewn plugs, grow lights, and hanging for the grow light.

A flower bouquet for mom

Get mom a bouquet of flowers, in the form of seeds. We have beautiful flowers such as Tickseeds and Garden Cosmos. Add a pair of blooming gloves and a floristry scissor and the flower kit is complete.

Herb garden for dad

We have herb seeds, herb scissors, and a cultivating kit for dads who would like to grow their own herbs for cooking. Aromatic rosemary, thyme that can be enjoyed in a variety of meals, or basil that will go perfectly with fresh tomatoes. Create your own perfect gift for dad.

Start sprouting with the kids

Let the kids in on the cultivation journey and try sprouting. It is fun, nutritious, and tasty. After just a couple of days, you will often be able to harvest your sprouts. Eat them on your sandwich or in a salad. We have seeds, sprouting trays, and everything you need to get started.

Seeds and bird feeders

Give the birds some extra treats during the cold months. We have decorative bird feeders in different designs and a lot of seeds for our flying friends.

Discover our wide selection of seeds

How about a sprouting cauliflower or a Mexican gherkin? We have a lot of vegetable seeds that you seldom see in an ordinary store. Find the perfect gift for the adventurous gardener who likes to discover new varieties and flavours.

Innovation from Sweden

With our heat pad and grow lights, plants will grow faster and become stronger. And our hydroponic system will enable you to grow all year round. This is the perfect gift for the gardener who likes to add some technology and invention to the cultivation life.