Hydroponics – Grow in water

What is hydroponics? It simply means growing in water. When you grow in water, your plants need a nutrient solution that you dilute in the water container.

The perks of hydroponic cultivation are that it is fast and easy, and if you have the right type of lighting, you can grow all year round. Most sprouting seeds can be grown in our hydroponic grow box Harvy, but we also have a couple of seeds that are specially developed for hydroponic cultivation.

Our starter kit contains what you need to get started with your cultivation, which means grow box, plug holder, and grow plugs with seed and plant nutrition for hydroponic cultivation.

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Grow in water

Easy to get started

Grow all year round

Step 1 – Grow boxes, starter kit

To get started, you need a Harvy grow box. You can choose between two sizes – Harvy 3 and Harvy 6. We also have a complete kit with Harvy 3 that includes growing lights.

Harvy 3 has room for three grow plugs and Harvy 6 has room for six grow plugs.

All starter kits include:

1 grow box
6 pre-seeded plugs (basil and lettuce)
1 bottle of nutrition

Step 2 - Grow lights

During the darker months, you need to give your indoor cultivation extra lighting. For Harvy, we recommend our energy-efficient LED light bar.

The plant lighting is available in two sizes. The small one fits the Harvy 3 perfectly and the large one fits the Harvy 6.

With a suspension function with suction cups, you can easily place your lamp and Harvy on the kitchen counter or on a window sill. Make sure to include the hanging function in your order. 

Step 4 – Plant food & accessories

Our Harvy starter kits include what you need to get started in the form of nutrition and pre-sown plugs.

But if you need to top up with nutrients, new plugs, and other seeds, you will find what you need with us.

Frequently asked questions about hydroponic cultivation

What is hydroponics and how does it work?

Growing hydroponically means that you grow in water and add nutrients to the water. Growing hydroponically is easy. The only thing you need to do on an ongoing basis is to top up with water and nutrients. It is a quick way to grow and you can do it all year round.

What can I grow hydroponically?

Different kinds of leafy vegetables and spices work best in our Harvy grow boxes. But you can grow almost anything that grows upwards.

What kinds of seeds can I plant in the empty plugs?

You can plant almost anything that grows. But we recommend that you stick to things that mostly grow above the surface. Carrots get a bit crowded in the plug baskets. Different kinds of leafy vegetables and spices work best.

Do I need grow lights for my Harvy?

In the summer and during the bright months of the year, daylight is usually enough. However, during winter and the dark months, you need to supplement with grow lights to get a good harvest.

How fast is hydroponic growing?

After a couple of weeks, your seeds have usually had time to take root and are starting to show in your grow box. After a couple more weeks, you can often start to harvest.

How long does it take for the seeds to germinate?

Different seeds take a different amount of time to germinate. Lettuce, kale and pak choi start to look up already after a week or so. Basil and cilantro take a little longer. Parsley takes up to two weeks to germinate.

How much nutrition do I need to add to the water?

Dose 2 ml of nutrients per liter of water.

How often should I top up with nutrition?

Every time you top up with water, you should also make sure to top up with nutrition.

How often should I top up with water?

It depends. Cultivation where the plants have grown large needs more water. But they can often manage without supervision for about two weeks. If you grow plants with large foliage or thirsty varieties such as tomatoes and cucumbers, you may need to add water every week.

Watch it grow

Growing hydroponically is easy and fast. Be self-sufficient in herbs and salad. Create your own garden indoors, on your window sill, or on your kitchen countertop. In just a few weeks you are often ready to harvest.

Get started in 10 min

  1. Place Harvy in a window or other bright place. During the darker season, additional lighting should be used.
  2. Fill with water to the upper mark ("Start").
  3. Add 2 ml of hydroponic nutrient per liter of water and put the lid on. Shake the bottle well before each dose.
  4. Put the growing plugs in the plug baskets.
  5. Remove the adhesive labels from the grow plugs.
  6. Press the plug baskets into the holes of the cover.
  7. Do something else for 3 weeks *.
  8. Top up with cold water and nutrients (2 ml/liter of water) up to the "Start" mark until a root bundle as thick as a pencil has formed (about 1 month), then to "Grow".

*If your cultivation is very hot and sunny, you may need to add some water even before 3 weeks have passed. Just lift the lid and check that the roots reach the water.

Step 1 – Grow box

Step 2 – Grow lights

Step 3 – Seeds

Step 4 – Nutrition