What to sow in June?

June is the prime time to get your hands dirty in the garden! Check out our variety of seeds that'll turn your outdoor space into a summer oasis. Whether you’re looking for vegetable, herb or flower seeds, Nelson Garden has got you covered.

Bright up your garden with pink, orange or other shades of flowers, or freshen up any summer salad with homegrown lettuce, kale, or arugula. Make your yard work simple with our pallet collars – they're like magic for organizing your garden. Complete them with our weed control disc, to ensure your garden stays weed-free!

Let your garden soak up the June sun, and get ready to enjoy the fruits (and veggies, and flowers) of your labour!

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leafs_double_new.svgWeed protector

Weeds? No thanks! Keep your garden or garden land weed-free with this weed control disc, made out of coconut fibre. Not only does this mat prevent weeds, it also conserves the moisture in the soil. The cut towards the hole in the middle makes it easy to place around trees and shrubs. This weed control disc is made of natural material that degrades slowly but gradually. The mat can be covered with bark to make it less visible.