What to sow in November

While outdoor cultivation may be limited in November, you can still grow plants indoors! The easiest way to succeed is by growing plants in water, also known as hydroponic cultivation. Get started in just a few minutes using our hydroponic cultivation starter kit, Harvy. In order for your indoor cultivation to thrive even in November, make sure to get grow lights and heating pads. This way, you can enjoy fresh herbs and vegetables in the midst of winter!

To keep your garden full of life during November, get a couple of bird feeders and fill them with the right bird feed. We have everything from sunflower seeds to tallow balls. Not only are you helping the birds, but this also increases your chances of getting to wake up to the sound of chirping birds.

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leafs_double_new.svgWhich bird feeder should I choose?

The ideal bird feeder is large enough to feed more than one bird. It must also withstand winter weather and eventual damage from the birds. If you choose a bird feeder for seeds, it needs a protective roof to keep the seeds dry and fresh. It is also important that you can easily refill with bird food and that you can take down and clean the feeder if necessary.

How to pick the right bird feeder