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Plant a friend

Plants resemble people. They come in all sizes, shapes, and characteristics. What they all have in common is the need for a little tenderness and someone who cares for them – just like people. Start the 2023 season by finding a new seed to care for. Your new friendship may pay off when it's time to harvest. Choose between 450+ new seeds and find a buddy that suits your lifestyle! While you’re at it, follow our sow-a-long buddies and their chosen seeds on our blog and Social Media during their year, for inspiration and best practice.

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leafs_double_new.svgTag along with a tomato

Markus is a 40-year-old residing in Stockholm, Sweden, whose interest in farming began in a little red house in the middle of Sweden during the pandemic. He sees himself as a beginner, but he puts great interest and commitment into his cultivation and likes to farm together with his children. Markus' cultivation is characterized by practicality, simpleness, and durability, to suit his lifestyle.

leafs_double_new.svgGet a blossoming friend

Amanda lives in an apartment outside Stockholm with a large south-facing balcony perfect for cultivating. She loves flowers and dreams of her own orangery so she can extend the growing season and be with her plants for a longer part of the year. Ever since she was a child she has loved picking flowers in the woods, especially bouquets with Lily of Valley, Forget-Me-not, or Buttercups. Her favorite flower is the Giant Verbena due to its size and seems to “fly.” Amanda will pre-grow indoors and later move the plants to the balcony. Her cultivation will be big, flowery, free, and lush.

leafs_double_new.svgTeam up with a potato

Emma, 38, lives outside Stockholm with her two daughters and partner. She loves flowers in all forms and colors and enjoys creating beautiful bouquets on the kitchen table, and later can use them in various decorative arrangements. Emma advocates sustainability and makes sure that both plants and flowers are reused to extend their lifespan. Emma's cultivation is characterized by joy, colors, shapes, and plants that fit together.