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What to do in the garden in September

September is the time to harvest vegetables and prepare for spring. Even though it may seem far away, you’ll be pleased with your work when spring comes! There are several vegetables you can grow in September and then harvest early spring, such as chives. Additionally, you can still sow fast-growing vegetables such as spinach in September, to enjoy them already a few weeks later. If you want to extend the growing season, a grow tunnel is a great way to protect your plants from harmful weather. You can also protect seeds and plants from frost using a fibre cloth.

Another thing you can do in the garden in September is to prune your plants, such as trees and bushes. Simply use hegde shears, looping shears, pruners or similar, and get started. By pruning and removing dead branches, you’ll stimulate growth and get a more even harvest.

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Sowing grass in September

Imagine walking around barefoot on your beautiful lawn next spring and summer… Doesn’t it sound amazing? 

To fulfill that dream, get started today already! Because of the weather conditions, autumn is the perfect time to lay a lawn or overseed your worn lawn. We offer a variety of grass seeds to choose from, to ensure you get a dense, gorgeous lawn by next year. Make sure you get the right tools to prepare and clean up your garden as well. We have everything from gardening gloves, to trowels and leaf rakes.

If you’ve never sowed grass before, there’s no need to worry. We’ve created a guide that will take you through the steps needed to succeed!