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Team up with a potato

Potatoes are good for so much, from roasting in the oven to a simple potato salad. There are many different types of potatoes, but I have chosen a fresh potato variety Maribel Eko and an autumn potato Asterix, in order to be able to enjoy potatoes for a longer period of the year.

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Get the ingredients
To start growing your potatoes, you need a Nelson Potato grow pot, gloves, soil, a small shovel and potatoes of your liking.

Step 1: Before planting
Growing potatoes in a growing pot is easy and makes it simple to harvest. If you choose different sorts of potatoes, which I will do, I recommend not planting different sorts in the same pot. Instead, make sure each sort gets its own pot. The reason is simple, each sort of potato will be ready for harvest different times of the season.

Step 2: Prepare the pot
Start your preparations by sorting out the drainage in the bottom of the potato pot. I put small rocks, and minor gravel in the bottom of the pot. Pinecones works too!

Step 3: Planting the potatoes
Fill the pot with soil on top of the drainage, but leave about 10 cm to the edge of the pot. The reason is that you continuously will fill the bucket with soil as the potato plant grow. When you have filled the bucket with soil, plant your potatoes about 10 centimeters down into the soil.

Step 4: To think about
I will plant two potatoes in one pot and three in the other. The reason is that I use two different sorts of potato. A fresh potato sort that will be ready to harvest during the summer, and a seed potato ready for harvest in the autumn. The fresh potato sort is a bit smaller, than the autumn sort, which 3 potatoes will fit in one. The autumn sort is bigger which is why two will suffice.
Try your way out, but I generally recommend between 2 - 4 potatoes in one pot depending on the sort.

Step 5: Placement of the pot
Cultivating potatoes in a Nelson Grow pot is practical if you’re living in an apartment like me. I will put the growing pot in a corner near a window at first, because that’s where I have space at the moment. Since Nelson’s pot allows me to follow the growth of my potatoes by lifting the inner pot from the outer one, it is easy to follow the growth of my potatoes.

Step 6: When sprouts come
As the sprouts starts to come up, place the pot in a more sunny spot. Ideally with 6 hours of sunlight a day. Regulary top up with soil until within a few centimers of the pot’s top. I don’t mean you’re suppose to bury the plants, so make sure to keep at least one or two leafs above the soil when you top up.