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Plant food

Plants do not live on water and light alone, they need nutrients too. By regularly using plant food, your plants will become stronger, flower more and bear more fruit. Also, they will stay stronger and healthier over time, as well as more resistant to pests and diseases.

The secret to viable plants is a nutrient-rich soil, as this is where the plants get their important nutrients from. Over time, the soil leaches out and therefore you should regularly add plant nutrients to your plants. This means, to get the best results, fertiliser is needed.

Our different types of plant food are developed by gardeners and several of them are organic. For potted plants, liquid nutrition is convenient, as you can easily dose the nutrition using the instructions on the package. Another option is to use nutrient sticks, which are available for both green and flowering plants. In case you are looking for something more long-lasting, our long-term fertilizer distributes the nutrients evenly throughout the growing season. This fertilizer is well suited for seedlings and balcony boxes.

We also offer nutritional products specially suited for different types of plants, such as nutrition adapted for citrus, tomato, chili and orchid plants.

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Plant food spike, organic origin, 20 pcs

Keep your soil fertilized with nutrient-rich organic plant food spikes.

6,90 €

Plant food spikes for orchids, 20 pcs.

Easy-to-use plant food spikes, made to boost the growth of orchids.

5,39 €

Plant food spikes, 40 pcs

Our plant food spikes are nutrient-rich and help your plants grow.

5,39 €

250 ml

Orchid plant food

Liquid orchid plant food gives your orchids the best possibility to grow.

6,09 €

250 ml

Chili plant food

Liquid nutrition for chili plants for fruiting and root growth.

8,49 €

250 ml

Tomato plant food

Nutrient-rich plant food for tomato plants.

8,39 €

250 ml
750 ml

Citrus plant food

Plant food especially made to meet the nutrient needs of citrus plants.

5,49 €

750 ml

Geranium plant food

Keep the soil nutrient-rich and help your geraniums grow like never before

7,49 €

750 ml

Plant food

Add liquid plant food to give your plant the best possibilities to grow.

7,49 €

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