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Plant propagation

Get a head start with your cultivation by pre-cultivating your seeds indoors. Sow the seeds and let them germinate until the outside temperature rises and the soil can be used. This gives you stronger and healthier plants, since they are protected from unpredictable spring weather.

Besides providing your pre-cultivation with water, light and important nutrients, there are other factors that can improve your cultivation. By using a mini greenhouse or a mini plug flat you can grow more plants on a smaller surface. You can also use grow lights to be able to cultivate all year round.

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Mini plug flats, 3-pack

Used to sow or pre-cultivate your seeds before planting them outside.

7,95 €

Plastic pot 9 cm square, 20pcs

Perfect for cultivating in mini greenhouses and cultivation trays.

6,95 €

Green biodegradable pots Ø 8 cm, 20 pcs

Seed pots made from biodegradable PBAT and PBS plastics.

7,95 €

Green biodegradable pots 8 cm, 15 pcs

Seed pots made from biodegradable PBAT and PBS plastics.

6,95 €

Green biodegradable pots 6 cm, 30 pcs

Cultivate sustainably with these biodegradable pots.

5,95 €

Plastic pot 7 cm square 25 pcs

Complete your mini greenhouse or cultivation tray with plastic pots.

6,95 €

Mini plug flat in tray with lid

Includes 14 plugs and is perfect to get started with indoor cultivation.

19,95 €

Mini plug flat in a growing tray

Makes cultivating easy and comes with 14 plugs ready to be sown in.

15,95 €

Growing tray, black 23 x 37 cm

Made from sturdy plastic and can fit up to 20 plant pots and pea pellets.

4,95 €

Plastic pot 11 cm square, 10pcs

Plastic pots made for growing and driving cuttings, plants and perennials.

5,95 €

Plant Start Plug box

Mini greenhouse that is easy to use and perfect for indoor cultivation.

29,95 €

Mini Greenhouse Rootmaster brown

Mini greenhouse with watering function that makes indoor cultivation easy.

39,95 €

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