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Plug with seed, Pak Choi

Plug with seed, Pak Choi

’Summer Breeze' F1

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Grow your own pak choi in a hydroponic system - meaning cultivation in water. This comes with 6 pods.
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By using our easy-grown plant plugs, you can cultivate your very own pak choi at home. The 6 pods that are included are pre-sown with high quality pak choi seeds and are suitable for cultivation in water, also known as hydroponic cultivation. The pods are made from compostable coco coir, peat and important nutrients. The high-quality pak choi seeds will give you a leafy plant with strong stalks and rich flavour. It gives a great additional texture to any food you want to pair it with. The smaller leaves can be used as “baby leaves” in salads while the bigger ones are great to eat fried, in ramen or with fish.
6 pcs

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