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Heating pad 230V

Heating pad 230V

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This Heating pad 230V will make seeds grow better and cuttings root faster, as heat helps your cultivation.

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Cultivating indoors can take a while. However, providing your cultivation with heat can help the seeds germinate better and cuttings to root faster.  The pad warms the soil to about 28 °C. This can take up to two days depending on the room temperature and type of planting vessel. 


Our Heating pad has a convenient size and can be used on its own or in combination with grow lights. Simply plug in the heating pad and place your mini greenhouse, tray, or pot on it, until your seeds start to germinate and have plants that are 2-3 cm tall and have true leaves. When using a mini greenhouse with a lid, the heat from the pad can cause increased condensation, so good ventilation is important.


Size: 22 x 53cm

Lead length: 1.55m

IP 64

Double insulated

How to use:

- Place the heating pad on a dry, flat surface, preferably wood, or on a polystyrene sheet. Ensure that the surface does not have any sharp edges which could damage the pad.

- The pad is curved inside the box but it straightens out when connected to a 230 V socket once it gets warm. Do not fold the pad.

- Place a mini greenhouse, a tray or pots on the pad. Remember that pots with draining holes must not be placed directly onto the mat, they must always be used with a saucer.

- Clean the pad if necessary with a damp cloth. IMPORTANT! Remove the plug before cleaning.


IMPORTANT! Do not use with a timer. This prevents the mat from reaching working temperature, it becomes too hot and may damage the surface.

This product contains electrical or electronic components that must be recycled. Take the product to the designated recycling location in your area e.g. local recycling station.


The heating pad can be used by children over 8 years old and people with impaired physical, sensory or mental capabilities if they are supervised or given instructions on how to use the device. Children should not play with the device. Cleaning and user maintenance should not be performed by children without supervision.

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