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Mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouse


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Mini Greenhouse Rootmaster brown - an award-winning mini greenhouse with a watering function that makes indoor cultivation easier than ever.
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Our own award-winning patent! The Rootmaster is a mini greenhouse made to make indoor cultivation easy. Thanks to its watering function, you only have to add water to the tray and let the diluted plants germinate. As the roots gradually emerge from the ventilation holes of the plug cells, the root ends dry out and new roots are formed higher up. This type of air pruning creates deep and well-developed root systems. In addition, the plug cells can be opened in the middle, just like a book, which makes it even easier to handle them. The Rootmaster is made from recyclable materials while its bottom trays and lid is made from polypropylene. The package also contains 8 watering bands (4 in use, 4 spares) that can be rinsed and reused after cultivation.
29 cm
19.5 cm
21 cm

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