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Pot set

Pot set

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Pot set that is very easy to use with a bottom tray, irrigation mat and pot tray.
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Easy-care pot set with bottom tray, irrigation mat and pot tray with 18 pots that will allow you to grow some of your favourites from the garden such as plants, flowers, herbs and vegetables. With even irrigation from below, the roots of the plants develop better. 56 x 31 cm. This pot set is suitable for, among other things, training of seeds and cuttings and can be reused many times.
56 cm
31 cm
18 pcs
9 cm
Do not use soil from your garden since it can be filled with weed seeds or insects. Before pouring in the soil, check its moisture content.
Add water a little at a time and wet the mix until it feels like a damp sponge. It can be a good idea to water your plants in their original containers at least an hour before transplanting. This will ease their removal and diminish transplant shock.

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