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Heating pad

Heating pad

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This Heating pad 230V will make seeds grow better and cuttings root faster, as heat helps your cultivation.
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Cultivating indoors can take a while. However, providing your cultivation with heat can help the seeds germinate better and cuttings to root faster. The pad warms the soil to about 28 °C. This can take up to two days depending on the room temperature and type of planting vessel. Our Heating pad has a convenient size and can be used on its own or in combination with grow lights. Simply plug in the heating pad and place your mini greenhouse, tray, or pot on it, until your seeds start to germinate and have plants that are 2-3 cm tall and have true leaves. When using a mini greenhouse with a lid, the heat from the pad can cause increased condensation, so good ventilation is important. Size: 22 x 53cm Lead length: 1.55m IP 64 Double insulated
20 W
53 cm
22 cm

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