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Dame's Rocket

Dame's Rocket

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Wonderfully fragrant, traditional garden plant. It blooms in early summer with violet flowers. Towards dusk on warm summer evenings, waves of a sweet, almost orchid-like fragrance spread across the garden. The plants are biennial but will happily keep growing in the garden as they self-seed. Allow it to linger in a corner with other traditional plants. Very undemanding and hardy plant, thrives in most locations. Flowers the year after sowing.
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Latin name
Hesperis matronalis L.
Plant height
60 cm
Life span
2 years
Direct sown
Sufficient for
4 m
Plant placement
Sun/half shade
Plant spacing
30 cm
Row spacing
30 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
Direct seed
May - June
Harvest time
June - August
Level soil, water before sowing. Keep seeds moist until germination.