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Cherry tomato

Cherry tomato

'Sungold' F1

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The Sungold F1 cherry tomato is juicy and super-sweet with a beautiful golden color. It is often referred to as the sweetest tomato in the world! Perfect to cultivate in a greenhouse or sheltered area.
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This juicy, super-sweet, thin-skinned cherry type tomato has been dubbed “the sweetest tomato ever”. It is also often referred to as the sweetest tomato in the world. The sweet and juicy flavour, as well as its beautiful golden color, will complete any salad or make an appetizing snack. While its thin skin makes it challenging to transport and keep in stores, this is just what makes Sungold F1 perfect for growing on your own. This cherry tomato is best grown in nutrient-rich and well-drained soil in a greenhouse or sheltered area outdoors. The tall and upright growing saves space, but at the same time, it needs supporting. Make sure to water and fertilise regularly, as well as remove the suckers. For better fruiting, shake the flower buds lightly. Sungold F1 is an indeterminate tomato, also known as cordon tomato or vine tomato. This means it is a vining plant that continues to extend in length throughout the growing season.
Sufficient for
5-7 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
50 cm
Row spacing
70 cm
Sowing depth
0,5 cm
February - March
Harvest time
June - October

Start pre-cultivating your Sungold F1 tomatoes in March, 8-10 weeks before replanting outdoors. Keep the cultivation moist, preferably covering it with plastic or using a mini greenhouse. Make sure to keep a temperature of 18-21°C. Once the shoots appear, place them in a bright, cooler area and use additional lighting in darker months. Then, when the plants can be handled, transplant 1 per pot of fertilised soil and transplant them gradually. When the night temperature is minimum 8°C you can replant your tomatoes outside.

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