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Garden Cress

Garden Cress

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Familiar, easy-to-grow and vitamin-rich sandwich garnish. Can be grown indoors year-round. Sow and harvest at regular intervals. Each seed produces only one “sprout”, so a relatively large amount of seeds are needed. Fun and enjoyable, suitable for children who want to try their hand at growing their own food. Nice and tasty as a green for Easter decorations with chickens etc.
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Sufficient for
0,7 sqm
Plant spacing
0 cm
Row spacing
0 cm
Sowing depth
0 cm
January - December
Harvest time
January - December
Sow a thin layer on to moist soil, damp paper, cotton wool, sand or peat moss. The layer only needs to be 1 cm thick. Keep the seeds moist at all times. Harvest 7-10 days after sowing.