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Ceylon Spinach

Ceylon Spinach


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Climbing leaf vegetable with decorative red stems and dark green leaves. Pick the leaves gradually. If the whole plant is harvested save 20 cm of the stem so it will grow again. Great to use when cooking, both the leaves and the stems can be used like spinach. Also good in gratins, and a few leaves will thicken a stew. Can take a little time to germinate.
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Sufficient for
20-25 plants
Plant placement
Plant spacing
50 cm
Row spacing
50 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
January - March
Harvest time
June - September
Sow sparsely on seed compost. Cover lightly and keep moist. Place in a warm area for sprouting, 25°C. After emerging move to a bright, cooler area. Transplant 1 plant/pot of fertilised soil. Harden off the seedlings before transplanting.