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Snow peas, dwarf

Snow peas, dwarf

'Oregon Sugar Pod'

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Our dwarf snow peas, Oregon Sugar Pod, can be grown in cycles and harvested during a longer period. They have a rich taste and are easy to grow.
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These delicious snow peas have large pea pods and grow a bit slower than other types of peas. The pea pods swell at a moderate rate and can grow up to 9-10 cm long. They have a rich flavour and are either eaten fresh or slightly cooked. By sowing the snow peas in cycles you can get a longer harvesting period.
Sufficient for
4-6 m
Plant height
60-80 cm
Latin name
Pisum sativum
Direct sown

You can start growing your Oregon Sugar Pods outdoors between April and June. They prefer humus-rich, porous soils that are watered regularly. Also make sure to water the soil before sowing and soak the seeds in water a few hours before to keep them moist. Harvest your snow peas before the pods get a round shape, and support the plant as it grows bigger. Annually change the placement of the seeds, as they fertilize the soil.

Plant placement
Plant spacing
6 cm
Row spacing
40-50 cm
Sowing depth
3 cm

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