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Spring onion

Spring onion

'White Lisbon'

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White Lisbon is the fast-growing spring onion that has a mild, delicate taste and is easy to cultivate. Enjoy spring onion in salads, soups and as garnish.

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White Lisbon is a fast-growing spring onion that is easy to cultivate. Spring onions, sometimes referred to as scallions or green onions, have a mild, delicate taste. Enjoy the onion itself, as well as the leek tops! Spring onions are great in salads, soups and as garnish on many other dishes. Any excess harvest can be frozen. Sow it in cycles of three weeks and enjoy the onion all spring, summer and autumn. If you sow the seeds in September, the small onions will overwinter and give you an early spring harvest - therefore the name, spring onions! The seeds prefer humus-rich and chalky soils. This will bring out the delicate taste of the spring onions. Also, consider changing the planting area yearly and covering the plant with a fibre cloth to protect it from onion flies.
Sufficient for
3-4 m

Can be direct-sown early, as soon as the soil can be used. For best results, make sure to water the soil before sowing and keep the soil moist until it germinates.

Plant spacing
2 cm
Row spacing
25 cm
Sowing depth
1 cm
Plant placement