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'Sweet Nugget' F1

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Sweet Nugget is the super-sweet corn that gives you long cobs with high quality and rich taste. Start cultivating your own sweetcorn right away!

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This majestic corn variety worships the sun and gives you super-sweet corn with great quality. The Sweet Nugget prefers warm, sheltered areas with plenty of water and nutrients. For best possible results, cultivate the sweetcorn at least 100 metres away from other varieties of corn. Also, make sure to remove lateral shoots from the plant’s base for a greater harvest.
Sufficient for
12-14 plants

You can replant the sweetcorn outside once the plant has grown big enough and the weather has gotten warmer. Plant in blocks with approximately 45 cm sides, 2 seeds in each corner. Thin out the weakest plants once shoots appear.

Start by sowing 1 seed per pot. Place the pot in a warm area and leave it to sprout. Change its spot to a cooler area once shoots start to appear and make sure to water regularly and fertilize once a week. The cobs are ripe and ready to be harvested when they are thick, firm and the thin strands on the bottom of the cob have shrivelled.

Plant spacing
40 cm
Row spacing
40 cm
Sowing depth
3 cm
Plant placement