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Beans and peas

Beans and peas are great staples that provide any meal with extra nutrition. They come in many varieties, where some are best enjoyed raw, and others cooked. Imagine boiling your own broad beans and serving them with salt and butter, or biting into fresh, crispy snow peas. There really is nothing like home-grown beans and peas! We have the seeds you need to get started today.

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Dwarf French bean


A fine Dwarf French bean variety that is considered a delicacy.

2,72 €

3,40 €

Broad bean

Threefold White

Flat beans with large pods that are easy to grow.

2,72 €

3,40 €

Snow peas, dwarf

Oregon Sugar Pod

Grow tasty snow peas that can grow up to 9-10 cm long.

2,72 €

3,40 €

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