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Dwarf French bean

Dwarf French bean


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Ferrari is a fine Dwarf French bean variety, that will give you an abundant harvest of beans. They are considered a true delicacy! These beans can be pre-cultivated or direct sown.

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Ferrari is a fine Dwarf French bean variety. Ferrari will give you an abundant harvest of delicious, green pods that can be boiled and eaten whole. They are a true delicacy! Sow in sheltered areas in well-drained and loamy soil that remains moist. Do not allow the beans to grow too big, approximately 12 cm is sufficient.

Latin name
Phaseolus vulgaris
Pre-cultivation and direct sown
April - May
Direct seed
May - June
Harvest time
June - October
Development time
Plant height
40 cm

You can sow the seeds outdoors without pre-cultivating. However, it is important to make sure the soil temperature is minimum 15°C before you start sowing. Rinse the seeds with water and water the soil before sowing. Cover the cultivation with a fibre cloth to retain moisture.

Get started by pre-cultivating the seeds indoors for 2-3 weeks before replanting them outside. Sow one seed per pot and make sure to water regularly. Place your cultivation in a warm area with a temperature of +25°C. Once sprouted, place the cultivation in a well-lit area at room temperature.

Plant spacing
12,00 cm
Row spacing
45,00 cm
Sowing depth
3,00 cm
Plant placement