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Zucchini, Latino F1

Zucchini, Latino F1

Latino F1

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Squash, zucchini, or courgette - this beloved vegetable has many names. Latino zucchini is a beautiful squash variety that is easy to grow and can be enjoyed raw or cooked.

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Zucchini, squash or courgette - this beloved vegetable has many names. Latino zucchini is a beautiful zucchini variety, with large leaves that smother weeds easily. Zucchini can be enjoyed raw or cooked, for example in stews, woks, or even pickled. 

Growing courgettes can be done in two ways. You can either pre-cultivate the seeds or sow them outdoors directly, put pre-cultivation is recommended. To succeed with your cultivation the soil should be humus-rich, well-fertilised and well-drained soil. Harvest your Latino zucchini early, with the flower still attached.

Latin name
Cucurbita pepo
Pre-cultivation and direct sown
April - May
Direct seed
May - May
Harvest time
July - October
Development time

The temperature of the soil must be at least 15°C when cultivating outdoors. Water the soil before sowing and keep the plants moist by covering it with a fibre cloth until they flower.

Pre-cultivate the seeds 3-4 weeks before replanting outside. Sow 1 seed per fertilised pot and place in a warm area for sprouting (18-24°C). Once the seeds have sprouted, it is time to transplant them to larger pots and place them in a bright area. Remember to be careful with the roots.

Plant spacing
100,00 cm
Row spacing
100,00 cm
Sowing depth
2,00 cm
Plant placement