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Kale and broccoli

Enjoy nutritious home-grown vegetables! Discover our kale and broccoli seeds to get started with your own cultivation today. These greens are the perfect addition to your garden, and also your meals. Kale and broccoli are both a great source of important nutrients and can be prepared in multiple ways. Enjoy them raw or cooked - whatever you prefer. Our kale and broccoli range includes varieties such as Atlantis F1, Emerald Ice, and Half Tall.

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Curly kale

Half Tall

Easy-grown, vitamin rich, and low growing kale variety.

2,32 €

2,90 €

Curly kale

Emerald Ice

Nutritious, decorative and easy-to-grow curly kale.

3,12 €

3,90 €


Atlantis F1

Fine and reliable variety with lovely green florets for the home garden.

3,12 €

3,90 €

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