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Curly kale

Curly kale

Half Tall

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Easy-grown Curly kale, rich in important vitamins and minerals. Curly kale Half Tall is low growing, and can be harvested even during winter.

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Curly kale is easy-to-grow and full of vitamins and minerals. The leaves can be enjoyed in a salad, or use them as spinach when cooking. This type of kale is hardy and can therefore be harvested even during winter, if harvested gradually. Half Tall curly kale is low growing, which makes it easy to protect from animals. To protect the plant from insects as well, cover it with a net. It grows best in well-drained and humus-rich soil.

Latin name
Brassica oleracea
Pre-cultivation and direct sown
April - June
Direct seed
April - June
Harvest time
September - January
Development time

Even though pre-cultivation is recommended, you can sow the seeds outdoors right away. However, the soil temperature should be at least 5°C before planting outside.

Pre-cultivate the seeds 4-6 weeks before transplanting outside. The seeds should be sown moist and covered with a thin layer of soil. Place it in a sunny and warm area (22°C) and water whenever the soil starts getting dry. After sprouting, move the plants to a cool and bright area and let them grow bigger. When they are big enough to be handled, replant 1 plant per pot of fertilized soil.

Plant spacing
45,00 cm
Row spacing
55,00 cm
Sowing depth
1,00 cm
Plant placement